Brain Injury Expert

Birmingham and Manchester based, Simply Neuro provide private primary care services to patients. The clinic is run by Dr Kanu Achinivu who specialises in the neuropsychiatric assessment and treatment of patients with an acquired brain injury as well as adults with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr Kanu Achinivu is one of the best neurosurgeons in the UK, so one can be assured of expert treatment for traumatic brain injury. The clinic caters for a range of clients including the legal profession, private healthcare, social service organisations, NHS bodies and private patients.

Traumatic & Non-traumatic brain injury Specialist

If you need treatment for a closed brain injury or penetrating brain injury, you are in the safest of hands. Whether it is a brain injury caused by a traumatic or non-traumatic event, Simply Neuro has one of the most experienced neurosurgeons who understands your problem and can action the appropriate treatment. Traumatic cases include road traffic accidents and assaults / falls but also non-traumatic conditions of brain injury like strokes, tumours, haemorrhage etc.

TBI and Non-TBI Damages

Patients behaviour can be dramatically different during the recovery process, which can be difficult for family members to cope with. We treat all patients with extreme care and create a unique treatment plan tailored to their needs for:

  • Pain & suffering
  • Disability
  • Loss of positivity
  • Increased medical bills
  • Emotional / Behavioural Problems

For a strong patient-centred therapeutic approach, please call 0345 056 9617.

Paroxysmal Disorders in Autism: Problems with Diagnosis and Management

Paroxysmal events are common in the autistic population and come in a variety of forms including seizures, repetitive behaviors, aggressive behaviors, sensory perception problems, hyperactive behaviors, inattention, and impulsivity. Diagnosis can be challenging, especially in the learning disabled population. A typical challenging case is presented.

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Case Vignette. Brain Injury Can Make One Better!

SS is a 58-year-old woman who had a history of anxiety and depression and severe gambling addiction. At the age of 54, she was hit by a car at a zebra crossing while walking to local shops and as a result suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Her Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) was very depressed at 6/15, and she had a protracted period of posttraumatic amnesia (PTA) of greater than 2 weeks.

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