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Medico Legal Services: Dr Achinivu acts as an Expert Witness in the field of traumatic brain injury and neuropsychiatry. As a trusted Neuropsychiatrist with bases in Birmingham, Norwich, London and Manchester, he has extensive experience in medico-legal reporting across various jurisdictions including England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

He provides opinions in both civil and criminal cases and has worked as an Expert Witness for a number of large UK law firms involved in personal injury litigation and clinical negligence. He has also provided opinions to a variety of bodies and organizations including the General Medical Council (GMC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), the Health Service Ombudsman, the Health and Care Professions Council and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Dr Achinivu produces over 50 reports per year on complex Traumatic Brain Injury and neuropsychiatry cases. He has been providing opinions in complex Personal Injury cases and Clinical Negligence cases since 2009. His annual workload is fairly evenly split between Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases. His percentage of work is approximately 80% (Claimant), 15% (Defendant), 5% (Single Joint Expert).

With approximately 3 court attendances per year, Dr Achinivu has experience offering qualified opinion in his capacity as a Neuropsychiatry Expert and as a Traumatic Brain Injury Expert.

He is an APIL 1st Tier Expert.

Dr Achinivu regularly attends medico-legal courses/training annually as part of his Continuous Professional Development (CPD). He has also completed the Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate from Cardiff University in 2014.

With central bases in Birmingham and Manchester, and in his capacity as a Neuropsychiatry Expert and a Traumatic Brain Injury Expert, Dr Achinivu provides services for Solicitors both nationally and internationally.

Dr Achinivu provides services nationally and internationally.