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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

At Simply Neuro, we are happy to receive referrals from Case Managers or other clinicians for the most complex and challenging neuropsychiatric and brain injury cases. We are able to carry out a full neuropsychiatry assessment and produce a detailed report with treatment recommendations. In addition we are able to provide on-going treatment and monitoring if required. Dr Achinivu, who is an internationally recognised Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Brain Injury Expert, undertakes our assessments.

He is based mainly in Birmingham but regularly travels to Manchester, Norwich, London and other areas of the UK to perform diagnostic evaluations and assessments of complex patient conditions and implement biopsychosocial treatment plans where necessary and in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. He regularly coordinates the patient’s care with other involved clinicians such as the patient’s GP and other professionals to ensure that the patient’s care is safe and effective. It is our policy to assess risk and acknowledge all safety issues.

Multidisciplinary meetings can be convened at suitable premises. Our clinical practices are characterized by innovative and evidence-based interventions, with a strong patient-centred therapeutic approach aimed at empowering the patient and promoting independence, recovery and long-term well-being. We can also provide epilepsy consultancy and training.
Call us today if you need any further information about any of our services in the field of Neuropsychiatry. We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to discuss your requirements.