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Please feel free to familiarise yourself with what we do by browsing through the videos provided here, or give us a call today and have a personal chat with one of our friendly professional clinicians.

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Trusted Neuropsychiatry
Expert Services

Dr Achinivu is a trusted Neuropsychiatrist, Brain Injury Expert and Traumatic Brain Injury Expert, who has enjoyed a great deal of success over many years in this relatively new and exciting field of medicine in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich, Bristol, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

The clinicians at Simply Neuro are highly trained and experienced in their respective areas of clinical expertise. Our priority is to provide excellent and timely care and treatment to our clients with the goal of improving their overall physical and mental wellbeing. Our clinical practice is characterized by innovative and evidence-based interventions with a strong patient-centered therapeutic approach, which aims to empower patients and promotes independence, recovery and wellbeing.

What Our Customers Say

“Dr Kanu Achinivu gave the best treatment for Sleep-wake disorders to my grandmother. Thanks for providing her such good care during the treatment.”

- Andrew Hobbs

“Dr Kanu Achinivu has offered us a very comprehensive plan to try and get my wife’s life back to normal following an accident. A true expert in this field.”

- Jack Smith

“Many thanks to Dr Kanu Achinivu for giving us the best advice regarding Neuropsychiatry. He has a wealth of experienced and an excellent knowledge of mental and physical wellbeing.”

- John H

“Excellent treatment and care by Dr Achinivu to my son. I have seen good progress in my son after the treatment. I am very thankful to Dr Achinivu.”

- Nicol Johnson

“Our firm needed an experts report to help assist us in court. Dr Kanu Achinivu was both professional and thorough and we would like to thank him for his services.”

- Robert Mill

Who We Are

Simply Neuro Ltd is founded and headed by internationally recognised Neuropsychiatry Expert, Dr Kanu Achinivu.

Based in Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich, Bristol, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Edinburgh and London, Simply Neuro provides specialist neuropsychiatric services to a range of clients including the legal profession, private healthcare, social service organisations and NHS bodies all over the United Kingdom. However, our coverage is nationwide and we are happy to receive referrals from any part of the UK.

Areas We Cover

  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • London
  • Norwich
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Edinburgh
  • Nationwide

Get In Touch

For more information about any of our services, please call us on 0345 056 9617 or click below.